Landguard Point Suffolk

Languard Point Suffolk
Languard Point Suffolk

Monday morning and I decided to take a bit of me time and go somewhere new, camera in hand.  I often photograph the Suffolk coast but I’d never been to its southernmost tip, Landguard Point.  OK, so it’s not the rugged Cape Horn, but it has a place all of its own.

Landguard Point guards the ports of Felixstowe and Harwich, protecting both from the ravages of the North Sea’s stormy moods and is a haven to many birds, resident or passing through.  Rooted to the shingle is grass mixed with plants that take the assault from the wind, rain and salt from the sea.  The closer you look the more you see, tiny flowers in emerging in Spring.

Looking out to sea ferries come and go carrying people on their travels while container ships carry the goods we crave.  There is a fort that began in the 17th century protecting England from threats from Europe.  It’s been rebuilt several times and now stands as a museum.

But I didn’t go there for the history or the industry.  As I sat on the shingle I could hear seagulls overhead and the waves lapping the shore in a rhythm of their own.  Then the sound of shingle running over shingle as the waves pulled it back toward the sea.

It was then that I could see the image that I wanted.  I’m not sure if it was a jetty or just some kind of breakwater but it stood against the waves as they crashed against it, whether stormy or calm.  The long exposure smoothed the water leaving the structure standing tall against a now calmed North Sea.

My time at Landguard Point is the start of a journey north along the Suffolk Coast from the southernmost point to its border with Norfolk.  Along the way I’ll be exploring and recording what I find, then sharing.